Made Macrame Bag (Beaded)

Made Macrame Bag (Beaded)

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Macramé comes from a 13th-century Arabic weavers' word migramah meaning "fringe". This refers to the decorative fringes on camels and horses which help, amongst other things, to keep the flies off the animal in the hot desert regions of northern Africa. 

In modern days, this style of weaving has caught on in other parts of the world, Bali being one of them. The streets of trendy canggu are lined with shops adorned with bohemian décor, macrame falling right into that category.

Nook Bali & Café Organic in canggu boasts some stunning macrame décor throughout their restaurant and we just had to have one of these pieces as part of the collection to represent the current trend in Bali.

Keep bag in a cool dry place