My name is Alicia, owner and curator of Heritage SH. I’m Singaporean and this is my 5th year living in the US. My husband, Mike, and I have 2 daughters, Emma Harper, 3, and Elizabeth Rose, 1 1/2. We currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

I have always been fascinated by different cultures and the stories about its people. Travelling through different countries in Southeast Asia as weekend get aways used to be the norm for us when we lived in Singapore. Now that I live primarily in the US, it is a passion of mine to bring the beauty & charm of Southeast Asia to the US through artisan handicraft. Experiencing new cultures is like a key to opening up your mind. I have learnt so much about myself through learning about the different ways of life and the values they are built upon.

Tableware is something I feel deeply for because at the core of every Southeast Asian culture is story telling, forging bonds and sharing emotion through food. Cooking & dining for hours at a time are how families spend quality time with one another. Asian meals are generally communal and the vessels in which different dishes are presented to the table are meaningful. Our family is no different and I am always on the lookout for beautiful tableware to add to my own personal collection. 

Natural Bags
Natural Bags are also one of my passions as it is a wonderful way to support and empower female artisans in Southeast Asia. As I recall the family vacations through the region that my Dad would take us on growing up, I remember seeing women my mom’s age, sitting quaintly in their village, weaving basket bags while their husbands worked hard labor jobs away from home, at times in another country like Singapore. I would think about the talent & resourcefulness of these women, to be able to make quality basket bags made completely out of natural material native to their village, strictly by hand. Our artisans are proud to infuse high levels of skill and dedication into each bag as this is their means to support their multi-generational families. 


Conscious Consumption

Our products at Heritage SH also represent conscious consumption as our handicrafts are made by families of artisans through fair trade and sustainable eco friendly material. We only curate products that provide our artisans fair wages to encourage them to pass on their skill to their future generations so this craftsmanship is not lost. There is purity so unique to their art that can be felt through the finished product.

In a modern world, it is refreshing for the heart, mind and soul to go back to the basics and consume consciously. This gives so much more purpose to our purchases. It is also a wonderful reminder to live life with a thankful heart, and to do our part in little but tangible ways to preserve our planet for future generations. 

I hope you enjoy what we’ve curated so far and there is so much more to come. I am continuously discovering new families of artisans in different parts of Southeast Asia and will continue to share their stories on their behalf through our collections. 

Alicia Sandve